How can I create enrollment contract?

You can easily create enrollment/admissions contract using SmartClass tools.

In some countries, where Department of Education mandates the usage of their contract please contact us for templating at

For Admission Contracts,

To be able to add contracts to admissions, you must select the school you are adding the contract for.

  • Open modules menu
  • Scroll down and find “Settings”
  • Click “Enrollment Contracts”
  • Click on +Add button on the left side of the page
  • Fill in information ( Template can be left empty )
  • Click Save

Once the contract has been created, click on Actions button to further customize your enrollment contracts.

  • Click Actions
  • Click “Contract Settings”
  • Fill in informations and make selections for contract layout
  • Click Save

To change and add contract items,

  • Click Actions
  • Click Contract Items
  • Click Add Item ( You can add and edit premade items or add your own items)
  • Choose item template from the bottom
  • Click Save

You have successfully created your school enrollment contract with custom items.