How can I give students their report cards from SmartClass?

First, you need to define the transcript before distributing.

To define a transcript;

  • Open modules menu (located on the left side under your school logo with three lines)
  • Go to Academic module
  • Click on Student Report Templates
  • Click +Add button on the left side of the screen
  • Write the Report Title in the field provided and click Save
  • After creating the student report, click on Actions and Report Widgets to select the widgets to be shown in the report
  • Once completed selecting the fields to be shown, click X and SmartClass will automatically save the student report design

Once you complete creating the student report and select the widgets, you can preview your design by;

  • Click Actions
  • Click Report Preview

Once the student report creation is completed;

  • Open modules menu
  • Go to Academic module
  • Under Exams click on Exam Schedules
  • Locate the exam you would like to work on
  • Click on Exam Results
  • In the opened page, select Exam Results General List
  • Find the student or students you would like to give reports to. (Multiple students can be selected with holding down Shift button.)
  • After selecting the student/s, the button will appear on the top side for report cards to be issued.
  • Click on Print Report Card to initiate printing