How to add a class that is exempt from scoreboard?

You can exempt a class from the point scores in SmartClass by following the steps and adding the class on the exempt list.

To exempt a class from grading;

  • Open modules menu
  • Go to “Academic” menu and expand the menu by clicking
  • Scroll down and find “Point Score Templates”
  • In the opened page, select the point score template that you want to add exempt scoring
  • Click Actions and click Points

You will see the scoring formula for the selected template and you can add a new formula or change the existing one.

*For making it an exempt from scoring, you have to have a calculation in place.

Once you have find the calculation;

-Click Actions

  • Click “+Add Exempt Point”
  • On the opened page, choose the subject you want to exempt it
  • Type " 00 " in Base Point section
  • Click Save

When you save the exempt subject within the calculation, you will be able to see it on the first calculations page.

To delete the exempt scoring,

  • Click Delete next to the exempted scoring
  • Click " Yes" on the pop-up notification page