How to add a health related issue, report or information to a students page?

Adding a health related information to SmartClass can be done under the menu tab with Health module.

When enrolling a student, health questions must be answered for setting up the modules correctly and keeping the school infirmary updated for any possible occasion.

Enrollment health information is a step in admissions form where it is filled by students parents.

To add extra information or occasions it can be done under modules menu by scrolling down to “Health”.

Under health menu you will see,

  • Student Health Info
  • Medical Cases
  • Health Center
  • Medical Screenings
  • Body Mass Index

Health information can be added under “Student Health Info”

When clicked, the screen will allow you to select the required student. This will bring students health page with

  • General Info ( Gender, Age, Blood Type)
  • Infirmary Records
    -Contagious Diseases
    -Chronic Diseases
    -Height and Weight Info
  • Health Reports

Any information regarding the select menus above can be added from upper right hand corner with " + " button.

Editing these columns will be given access to the users from schools from User Type Permissions module to ensure right people having access of changing any related information.

Please contact your IT Manager for further access if required or inform infirmary personnel.

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