How to add categories to Behavior Assessments?

To be able to add categories to your behavior assessments, first you need to create student behaviors under the following menus;

  • Click three lines to open menus
  • Scroll down and locate ''Definitions"
  • Under School Definitions, click on Student Behaviors
  • Click on “Add Student Behavior” to and type in your behavior category name
  • Click Save

After completing the step follow to,

  • Open modules mene
  • Find “Academic” module and open
  • Scroll down to find “Behavior Assessments” and click “Behavior Categories”
  • In the opened page, click on “Add Category” button on the right side
  • Fill the information for your category
  • Click Save

From this point, the category will be create under which class you would like to create in and the behavior definition will automatically brought from Definitions for evaluation.