How to submit a ticket to help desk?

You can use Help Desk module to create a support ticket for your schools necessary departments easily.

If you are a Parent or a Student; you can create a ticket for comments, complaints and suggestions

If you are a Teacher, you can create a ticket for, classrooms, IT support or school related subjects.

The Help Desk module is embedded with notification tools and tracking tools to give you and the receiver of the ticket a nice way of completing the tickets.

The help desk menu viewing options are different to user types and can be managed by Headquarters.

To create a Help Desk ticket;

  • Open menus
  • Scroll down and find “Support Units”
  • Under Support Units, click “Help Desk”
  • Click on +Add button and fill in your requirements
  • Click Save when done

SmartClass will notify the person in charge with the ticket.

You can track their progress within the same menu and will updated once your ticket is assigned and opened.

Any tracking information will be notified to user, when ticket manager updates it’s progress.