Teachers can see the names of the exams but cannot take reports from the exams?

To reach for an exams results, you have to go a special module designed just for result reports.

You can access exam results in;

  • Menu (Opened by clicking three lines on the left corner of SmartClass)
  • Go to menu “Academic”
  • Scroll down to find “Exams”
  • Click on Exam Results or Bulk Exam Results

To be able to see the examinations results, the results should be first published .

For the exams that have been published results, the square next to their names will turn Green.

For the exams that have been controlled and resulted but not published will be in Red.

You can reach to those exams but cannot run a report on a unpublished exam.

To publish an results controlled exam, please read our topic : “How to publish an exam?”