Transcripts Explained

To take transcripts go to following steps;

  • Open menus (Three lines under SmartClass/School Logo)
  • Click on Academics menu
  • Find Transcripts and click to open page

This subject only covers how to take Transcripts. For changing transcripts settings or details, please read the thread “How to edit transcript settings?”

Once the settings are complete in transcripts;

  • Click on Students button located on the right upper side of the Transcripts page
  • Choose the student to get the transcript information
  • The transcript for the selected student should come up to the screen
  • Click on Actions button to print the transcripts

To create a transcript for a student:

  • After selecting the student to create a transcript for
  • Click on Create Transcript
  • Fill in the information provided and click Create Transcript

Transcript Fields and Explanations :

Language : You can choose from 9 different languages

Signature Line Title : The person whom you like to get approval from

Add Confirmation Text : SmartClass will send them a notification with the added line. SmartClass automatically fills the line with premade confirmation text if you don’t want to change it.

Add Footer : Footer line that you would like to be seen on the transcript.

Date Format : You can choose between numbers, texts, combination on how you like the transcript date should be seen.

Transcript Type

Academic Year : The transcript composed of the semesters in the school combined together with semester end results and GPA’s. Previous years included within the transcripts.

Grading Term : The transcript composed of the 1.semester or 2.semester of the school year and the previous years included.

Progressive Transcript : The averages of the current semesters posted grades combined together to give a snapshot of the current situation.

After selecting the Transcript type, the students enrolled classes will be showed on the bottom to be selected for showing on the transcript. You can also assign a custom title to be shown on the transcript by filing the Custom Title section.

Round Grades

Rounding grades section will allow you to round up the decimals and show double or single digit grades on the transcript. If closed, the grades will be seen with decimals.

Show preparation classes

If selected Yes : The preparation classes will be shown on the transcript
If selected No : The preparation classes will not be shown on the transcript

Official Academic Transcript/Student Copy

You can select the transcript to be an official academic or student copy.

When all the fields are completed, click on Create Transcript and the transcript will be generated. You can print the transcript you have just created from the Actions button on the right to the transcript and by clicking on Print.